WordPress Maintenance

If you have your website online, why not hand over the daily running and wordpress maintenance of your website to our website support team. De Morgan will help you with general updates, new developments and SEO.  Our new build website packages all have the option to include maintenance, covering simple and major weekly updates, keeping you always up to date, plus SEO services.

Getting the most out of your website requires an understanding that the site requires constant on-going tweaks, some big and some small. Moreover, how valuable website maintenance is in getting your new or existing website generating you a measurable return on investment.  Website maintenance is a must have, for getting the most out of your website. It takes a lot to keep a website performing as it should. De Morgan  brings together all these different things into a simple solution. 

We guarantee that our packages will deliver, a well-designed and functional website can begin immediately generating sales from day one. Furthermore, our packages also ensure that there are additional sales and conversions to be gained over the long term by constantly tweaking your website to get the most out of your website traffic, through our built in website maintenance service.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

A website should be thought of as a constant work in progress, requiring a combined website maintenance and website design package. In addition, a website maintenance package will ensure that your website stays a step ahead of all the major changes and trends that happen in web design, customers buying habits, and in the way websites are viewed. 

You will be surprised to discover the cost of website maintenance, from De Morgan. We believe it will be lower than you are expecting. By having a website maintenance contract, you can recover your website in the event that it should be hacked. 

Get the power of the De Morgan web design agency behind your business, maintaining your website, working to improve your SEO, conversions and website sales, whilst keeping your website running efficiently and smoothly, without delay. Our maintenance package includes the following features, offered by De Morgan Cyber Security Services:

  Ticket System

All tickets are answered within 24 hours or less. If you have a question or are experiencing an issue then the De Morgan team is ready to help.   Our team are UK based and experts in WordPress with over 10 years experience. We support sites for a variety of different businesses ranging from startups, to FTSE 100 companies and the public sector. 


  Daily Backups

Your site is automatically backed up every day, with each daily backup stored for 30 days.  This ensures that should there be any issues with your website we can restore the backups usually within 1 hour or less. Backups give you the peace of mind that your business can be back online in no time. 


  Uptime Monitoring 24/7

Downtime is costly for any business, and causes businesses to lose out on customers and revenue. We will monitor your website every minute to ensure it’s up and working. Let us worry about your website so you can concentrate on running your business. 


  Performance Monitoring

A slow website is as bad as a website that is not working at all. Potential customers will simply leave your website and go to a competitors. De Morgan ensures that your website is fast and performing at it’s best. 


  WordPress & Plugin Updates

De Morgan will ensure that your WordPress installation and its library of plugins is constantly updated, along with new versions that are released daily. Updates contain new features, performance improvements but most importantly security updates. It’s vitally important that both WordPress and any plugins are updated on a regular basis to ensure your website is fast, reliable and secure.





With plugin, theme and code updates your website can be secure from constant threats. Hackers are always finding new ways to hack websites so ensuring your website is safe and secure is a key feature of a maintenance package.



Content updates and Link building will help get your website ranking at the top of google.



Have someone else do the regular updates for you, allowing you to grow your business.



No matter how big or how small, daily updates can give you a big boost across a short period of time and improve website engagement.



If your website is less intensive, then monthly website maintenance services may be all that you need to keep up-to date.



Constant tiny improvements to your website can add to big gains and better ROI.



With page speed being an important metric to Google and correlated with higher search engine rankings and a better user experience, you can rest assured knowing your website will be as quick loading as possible.



If you are having SEO done on your website then your SEO agency may recommend you updating your content to be fresh on a weekly or monthly basis, the reason being that relevant and fresh content keeps your user experience fresh and ticks another box with Google as Google loves fresh, relevant and up-to date content.


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Our job does not end when the site goes live, it’s only just beginning. We here to support you as much or as little as you need and if you need any updates that you cannot or don’t want to do through the CMS we will do them under our hourly support charge.