E-Commerce Design

An e-commerce design website by De Morgan, where you can sell and take payments online.  We offer cheap e-commerce design websites which work beautifully on all devices, and features:

  • Unique e-commerce design with unlimited revisions
  • With express delivery within 5 working days

If you’re selling products or services, your online store requires to be considered a high-end establishment.  Furthermore, it needs to be professional, up-to-date and most importantly, it needs to be seen as trustworthy.

Additionally, your e-commerce store needs to be easy to navigate. De Morgan offers e-commerce web design and development worldwide dedicated to providing each of these important requirements.

All e-commerce solutions are appealing, functional and created to generate sales revenue with ease.

Our e-commerce sites are responsive, feature-rich and give you a solid foundation to build upon.  All our e-commerce website design packages, come with the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout page
  • Confirmation page
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms & conditions

Store features include:

  • Product variables
  • Stock management
  • Payment options
  • Shipping costs
  • Product reviews
  • Discount codes

Woocommerce e-commerce design and development

If you’re planning to build an e-commerce website, and considering the use of Woocommerce, or moving over to the platform. De Morgan have Woocommerce developers, and designers that can help. Woocommerce  gives you everything you need to start selling  online.  Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more.  Woocommerce is fully customisable, and we are able to add features and extend the functionality of your store. Using official extensions from the Woocommerce Marketplace. 

No other e-commerce platform allows people to start for free and grow their store as their business grows. More importantly, Woocommerce doesn’t charge you a portion of your profits as your business grows. Woocommerce’s greatest strength is in its extensibility.  Woocommerce can be finely tailored to even your store’s most niche feature.

De Morgan can address all your WooCommerce needs, be it developing a new e-commerce store, enhancing an existing store, re-platforming/migration, customisation, or bug fix.  Contact us for further information.



Shopping Cart

One of the most basic features of an eCommerce site is the shopping cart. This is the part of the site that allows customers to quickly place their orders. Some features that can be included with the shopping cart include alerts that tell you when a customer has selected the product that they are looking for. The ability to easily change the cart with little effort can make the process of purchasing much easier.


Search Features

Another feature that can be found on an eCommerce site is a search feature. This feature allows users to search through products online by providing a specific item and its price. It will then provide links to related items, reviews, and more. A search feature allows customers to find the item that they are looking for in a quick way. This feature can also help users to find items that they are looking for in a specific category, leaving them with fewer clicks.


Payment Options

One other very basic feature that is included on an eCommerce website is the contact and payment options. This feature allows people to create their own online accounts. They may do this by providing their email address or through the use of a phone device. These accounts will allow them to take payments using a number of methods including PayPal. A feature that can be very helpful is the ability to pay someone else through this method. It can make the process of purchasing items much easier for customers.


Shipping Information

Another feature allows customers to add their shipping information. This feature will allow customers to track their purchases, giving them the ability to see what orders they have placed. This can be very useful when a customer has placed an order and then needs to track the status. The ability to add shipping and handling charges to a shopping cart can help customers make informed decisions.


Products Categories

Other important shopping cart features for eCommerce websites include the ability to add categories to the shopping cart. Many people will use one category for their entire website and only add accessories for specific items under that category.


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